Twitter and the common problem of the 30%

In October 2020 I wrote about the payment war in the mobile app ecosystem, where basically a set of companies were fighting against the 2 giants (Apple and Google) about the payments to be done for every payments done from applications managed by their store. Now in 2022, Twitter creates a “check” with an initial … Read more

Machine Learning on AWS

This post are some notes of the course done related to ML on AWS (8 hours). Table of contents Module 1: Introduction to Machine LearningModule 2: Artificial Intelligence Services on AWSModule 3: Machine Learning ProcessModule 4: Data Collection, Integration, Preparation, Visualization, and AnalysisModule 5: Deep Learning Amazon Machine ImagesModule 6: Amazon SageMaker ConceptsModule 7: Amazon … Read more

Virtual mapping conversation about Twitter

John Grant challenge the Wardley Map community to use an architecture diagram shared by E. Musk. The challenge was to Map Twitter’s architecture diagram from different perspectives. To me this is the second time I stop to think about this. In April, when rumors about the Twitter acquisition were spreading through the news, I did … Read more

Managing complexity in times of crisis

This publication titled: “Managing complexity (and chaos) in times of crisis. A field guide for decision makers inspired by the Cynefin framework“, contains interesting topics. Addressing chaos Assess Types of constraints Adapt In lack of a contingency plan, we must reallocate resources and re-design processes to empower the emergence of small, informal teams and networks … Read more

Backstage of Amazon investments

This week Amazon announced the new “data region” Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now opened. Where the hell is Aragon? Here: The AWS Europe (Spain) Region has three Availability Zones located in: Villanueva de Gállego, El Burgo de Ebro, and the Plhus logistics platform in Huesca, where your applications are reliably distributed cloud. What does it mean in … Read more

Mapas LLC, Training workshops

Purpose The purpose of the training workshops is to teach, practice and guide teams and individuals into Wardley Mapping techniques. Context Any type of organizations can benefit of the training workshop: The problem? Wardley Mapping is offered under the license Creative Commons Share-Alike, and then there’s a lot of content available provided to learn Wardley … Read more

Computer Assisted Translations Tools (CAT Tools)

Background Professional translation services have evolved from different angles. Many computer assisted programs enable automatic translations of generic texts, but for specific niche such medicine, pharmacy, scientific papers, or any other field, you need to perform a professional translation in other way. Manual translation is something unusual, as there are tools that help the “Translator” … Read more

Amazon Tours

Today I did the virtual tour offered by Amazon. In Spain is an event where you visit some sections of Barcelona, Madrid and Sevilla fulfilment centers. It’s very interesting for understanding some basic things about how the work is divided, structured and industrialized to the limit. You just see what’s being done in the fulfilment … Read more