Tradingview, using quandl data

I just discovered that you can use quandl data (from on Pine in tradingview. I have done an basic exercise with avocado. The code study(“Producer Price Index by Commodity for Farm Products: Avocados”, shorttitle=”Avocado”, precision=2) quandl_ticker = “QUANDL:FRED/WPU01110205” data = security(quandl_ticker, “D”, close) plot(data, color=green, style=line) Using the quandl() function //@version=4 study(“Producer Price Index … Read more

Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB)

ICB is an industry classification taxonomy launched by Dow Jones and FTSE in 2005. The ICB uses a system of 10 industries, partitioned into 19 super-sectors, which are further divided into 41 sectors, which then contain 114 sub-sectors. In you can show these indicators. For instance 9500 technologies.

This platform, competes with, and it comes with different features and levels of analysis of data that are interesting. I have to go a little bit deeper on the analysis of the tool and try to learn if it’s worthy than tradingview. There is a programatic way to filter companies, which is something really … Read more

Year 3, trading training Q2

Year 3 This year 3 my goal is to focus on the swing trading and the acquisition of knowledge and experience on this type of trading. This Q2 is the continuation of Q1. Year 3, Quarter 2 As usual these are the goals for this quarter, following the V2MOM model: Vision: advance on market timing trading … Read more

El juego del inbox zero

Este es un correo para una amiga que se enfrenta a la virtualización de su puesto de trabajo, y se encuentra que es capaz de lidiar con todo menos con el correo electrónico que es una herramienta que tiene muy mal uso y que se come todo el tiempo del mundo. Por eso, el juego … Read more

US Balance sheet

This page contains a lot of information that you can consult about US economy: The recent communications of the Federal Reserve announcing the use of 2.3T$ can be seen and compared with 2008 figures: There are many other charts and information you can see. My problem: I first have to increase my knowledge to … Read more

Some Windows 10 features to remind

This video shows some useful features of Windows 10 I want to remind: Clipboard history (Multi-copy paste). Pin clipboard Sandbox Virtual desktop Focus assistant Quick assist (remote control of the application) Minimize with aero shake Look at multiple windows with split screen Improve your sleep with night light Capture your screen with snip & sketch