Guardrails AI, interview

This is a short summary of Data Driven NYC’s interview to the co-founder and CEO of Guardrails AI Shreya Rajpal. Guardrails AI offers: Guardrails AI is a fully open source library that assures interactions with Large Language Models (LLMs). It offers The company is being build right now: A Map A Wardley Map to visually … Read more

ChatGPT provides similar ability than

The news is in the title, the interesting part is the reflection on these tweets: The only moats are execution, distribution, and top-of-mindedness (your brand being ingrained in a customer’s habit loop). Nothing else really matters. This is just one of the thousand of examples of the appliance of Innovation, leverage, commoditize gameplay on LLMs … Read more

Twitter bots

Yesterday I posted a tweet with 5 comments. Around 10 min later, 5 likes, 1 per comment. All comments done by different “Cora” (with 5 to 20 followers each one) Is is common for you guys?

Crossing a mountain pass

To move an organization from its Genesis to Custom build is like to take a small expedition from one valley to other. You have to prepare all, wait till the window of opportunity is opened (weather or climatic patterns), knowing that uncertainties can happen. In the “genesis” valley you leave some assets that you cannot … Read more

Are you disruptive? Are you honest?

Everybody loves to be disruptive, but to be disruptive is complex, difficult and only in the hands on some few companies. When dealing with workshops sometimes I face the situation where something is drawn with high value/visibility for the consumer/user and tagged as something new, in its genesis. Some people agree with the fact that … Read more