Year 6, Q4 The flow system, Estuarine mapping, test workshop formats

This quarter I want to diversify in the things I learn, knowing that it will not be a lot of deep learning, but investigation about what to do in deep.

The flow system seem to be a good tool for solving problems in organizations, and this is something that I want to dig in.

Estuarine mapping is something I have in my backlog and this quarter I would like to dig in it a little bit more. Potentially for next year I can attend one of the Dave’s virtual workshops.

Last, but not least, I want to test certain type of short workshops and see how they work. The workshops try to solve a problem using Wardley Mapping as tool, and they should be focused on specific audience and trying to achieve something.

The plan

So the V2MOM for this quarter will be:

  • Vision: Work on the 3 areas proposed: the flow system, estuarine mapping and test workshop formats.
  • Values: Learn from the reading, courses and the celebrated workshops. Increase the audience of Mapas…
  • Method: Build a set of courses options.
    • Attend sessions of training.
    • Read,
    • Organize, prepare and celebrate workshops.
  • Obstacles:
    • Time, fatigue.
  • Measures:
    • At least 2 books read.
    • At least 2 events attended around Estuarine or the system flow.
    • At least 3 workshops done (1 by month).

Death line = 31/December/2023

The results (January 2024)

  • Events
    • Estuarine Mapping with Dave Snowden (October).
    • Dave Snowden – Complexity on One Slide, by The Complexity Lounge (December)
  • Workshops:
    • 2º Taller para RRHH sobre IA (para personas que trabajan en Recursos Humanos) información.
    • Como tomar decisiones de TI con los Mapas de Wardley información.
    • How to make IT decisions with Wardley Maps (info and registration here).
    • Barcamp Philadelphia (Presentation)
  • Books:
    • Shaping Things.
    • The Flow System (78%) I have stopped reading, the book does not provide me any value.

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