No Connection crisis

There is a old quote that says: “The worst job in the world is to work with hungry people” In the Internet era, this saying has evolved to: “The worst job in the world is to work with people who lost the connection to Internet” I have seen this effect during this month twice, and … Read more

Coursera, new way to access to education

Education is changing, the way to obtain knowledge and access to courses continue changing very quickly. In my company I have access to a complete set of web courses and virtual sessions where different topics are reviewed and you can follow training programs composed by different courses. I enroll these courses and they provide me … Read more

Ariba Sourcing

Since SAP bought Ariba, when you as a customer asks about a procurement/sourcing solution to a SAP/Ariba salesman, the first question will be: on-premise or on-demand? If your answer is on-premise, the proposed solution will be SAP SRM and Ariba for on-demand. The main components of the Ariba Sourcing on-demand solution are, Buyer, the core … Read more


I discovered a different approach on Six Sigma: DMADV, that could be compared to the classic DMAIC. DMAIC           |    DMADV Define             |    Define Measure         |    Measure Analyze          |     Analyze Improve        |     Design Control           |     Verify We should use DMADV methodology when a product or process is not in existence at the organization and one … Read more

Maverick buying

Maverick buying in the supply management arena is the purchasing outside of standard procurement processes, also known as off-contract buying. The standard processes always tries to minimize this type of practices, because if an organization use it in an excessive way it has fatal consequences. But in some cases it is necessary to be flexible … Read more

Quid Pro Quo

Negotiating a more or less equal exchange or substitution of goods or services. Look for the equity of the transaction is in terms of information

Monster Web Services

Monster offers web services that allows customer systems to post jobs to Monster, providing automation to the typical actions done from a recruitment department: post jobs and process candidates. It has been an interesting discovery done by a person from the team.    

The challenger sale

Found from a summary of this book: What’s the secret to sales success? If you’re like most business leaders, you’d say it’s fundamentally about relationships — and you’d be wrong. The best sales-people don’t just build relationships with customers. They challenge them. Insight #1: There Are Five Kinds of Sales Reps. It turns out that … Read more