Exploring outside the Wardley Map space

The space of a Wardley Map is the competitive market. Simon divides this space in 4 stages, and he always comment how the definition took him around 6 months of work and thousand of data points. When Simon is asked about what is outside of a Wardley Map he just says there are 2 spaces: … Read more

Web versions

This post is a set of notes where I add information about the different versions of the web: Web 1.0, Web 2.0… Table for different versions This is not too much creative as there are many tables as the one I have created below, but this one summarizes the main concepts. Wardley map of versions … Read more

Testing Diagrams.net

This post is a test mode for diagrams.net oriented on the use of these diagrams for generating Wardley Maps and integrate them into business use cases that accelerate the generation of documentation and the interaction between people working on them. Template to be used plus glossary of terms Version 0.0.2 Version 0.0.3