Conversation about CBDC Vs Bitcoin

Today I was reviewing the maps of CBDC competitive analysis and specially the one where bitcoin was added with Gerard and Pablo. We were discussing about the main components, their positions and we added some other ones.

This is the updated map:

Digital currency in China: project e-CNY Vs Bitcoin

Main discussion comes from:

  • What is the main component to pay attention: payments. This is the main point of interaction between the users and the different platforms and channels to “pay”.
  • On payments, despite the fact that the main players are not on the map, we cannot forget them:
    • Visa and Mastercard: as leaders of the current environment.
    • Apple, Meta and Google: as technology giants that are investing on this area heavily and that are progressing while the users are changing their habits slowly (co-evolution of practices are required, technology alone is not enough).
  • Flux:
    • It’s the new generation of scalable decentralized cloud infrastructure.
    • You can deploy blockchain services as you deploy services on AWS or Azure.
    • On top of flux companies are building their blockchain services.
  • Kadena (as example):
    • It’s a blockchain technology company that provides solutions for enterprises and government organizations.
    • The company’s flagship product is a scalable, secure, and fast blockchain platform that can be used for a variety of applications, including supply chain management, financial services, and data management.
    • The Kadena platform is built on a new consensus protocol called Chainweb, which allows for high transaction throughput and low latency (transactions are done in seconds).
    • Kadena also offers a range of blockchain-based tools and services, including smart contracts, a decentralized exchange, and a blockchain-based messaging system.

Some notes:

  • Flux (L1) and Kadena (L2) are Proof of Work.
  • Flux and Kadena is focused on building their products.
  • Celo focuses on enabling transactions. Very close to jump into product stage.


As usual, the interesting thing is the conversation, not the map. In case you want to discuss about it, let me know.

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