Australia, New Zealand

Sometimes the live gives you opportunities and you do not know why you should not take them. This year it was one of them: visit Australia and New Zealand. Too many learns, livings and new experiences; these 2 countries are completely something different to what I have seen before, so it has been a great experience.

Adelaide first 3 weeks

I arrived to Adelaide 3 weeks ago, from that time we moved to a more stable apartment, we adjusted hour job schedules, joined a gym club, know some nice places to have dinner, go with the bike and we could say that the minor adjustments are done. We visited Port Macquarie, and this week we … Read more


Taillin, Estonia, summer 2016, we arrived to the city and did the traditional tourism walk in the historical center. Taking some information and reading about what our book say about the city, it was clear the URSS influence on the city in their history. After that we went to the appartment we were going to … Read more

South Africa, Cape Town area

This summer vacations were combined with business trip and the causalities made us to change the initial plans by a trip to Cape Town area. The decision was more that good. We enjoyed a very nice vacations discovering an area of a big country with a strong character. Wild nature in all forms is the … Read more

32% del mundo

Según Trip Advisor, he recorrido el 32% del mundo. Yo tengo la sensación de haber visto solo el 4% como mucho. Pero bueno, es una referencia, mala, pero una referencia. Hay todavía tantos sitios por visitar que no sé por donde empezar. En fin, continuemos disfrutando del viaje.

Las Vegas

You travel to a new city and which you have seen in TV so much times and the exercise your mind does is to confirm or disregard the labels you created in your mind. All based in the small adjustments you do when you arrive there. In my case, these were the small adjustments my … Read more

Bikes and cities

I read an article about the the positive impact of the use of the bike in Paris after the people receive a monthly compensation for going to job by bike, promoting a set of behaviors that benefits the whole city. This made me think about bike adoption in cities. I´m becoming older and I am able … Read more

Amsterdam, design

Design, design and more design is what you can find in so many corners of Dutch’s cities. All of them developed with high quality and nice style. My preference is the home design of furniture, how they play with the space of a room and how the ergonomic aspects are present in all details. First … Read more

Berlin, again

I spent some days in Berlin, working and having only the nights to enjoy the city. Dinners in a Russian restaurant and a glass of wine in an Italian winery was just an example about the opportunities you have. First time in Winter; and we were lucky of enjoying sunny days combined with a nice … Read more