How the presentation was?

Today I have assisted to a typical lesson learned that you can read in thousand books. The agenda of the meeting was the presentation of 2 technical solutions for a given business process. The workbench meetings with the client when the solutions were being worked given us some information about what was the preferences of … Read more

2010 Content Technology Predictions

This is an interesting article I want to remind about Content management trends for 2010: Some of the points are interesting and make sense, some others are not relevant. It’s just my oppinion, Other link to remind:

End user resistance to change, real life? or just a joke

You are working in big application project, some months studying requirements, some others planning and developing them after the proofs of concept with identified and approved key users. Then, you develop the solution during some other months and finally end-user acceptance test is approved by your customer. You refine the last details of the migration … Read more

Guess who?

You are in a new position in a new client, you need to know who is the people who take product decisions, who are the project stoppers, which other stakeholders you need to take into account in order to obtain middleware approvals for virtual environments deployments, how much time you need to tell to capacity … Read more

FEL-Phase of a project

Today I have learned a new term of something I know since long time: Front-End Loading (FEL) of a project, it’s the process by which a project team translates its marketing and technological opportunities into capital projects. In other words, during this FEL phase, the questions of Why, What, When, How, Where and Who are … Read more

Application Portfolio Manager

Main responsibilities: Provide a single point of accountability for the delivery of all application services to the client. Identify, create, and execute opportunities for account expansion. Identify and develop business solutions that address the business objectives of the client through proposals. Ensure the application portfolio financial targets are achieved. Provide leadership and builds team spirit … Read more