FEL-Phase of a project

Today I have learned a new term of something I know since long time:

Front-End Loading (FEL) of a project,

it’s the process by which a project team translates its marketing and technological opportunities into capital projects. In other words, during this FEL phase, the questions of Why, What, When, How, Where and Who are answered.

The FEL phase is important in defining a capital project.

Till here there are not so many differences between the FEL phase and a Project Initiation phase or the process of development of the project definition document.

Continue reading, the FEL phase of a project performs a complete life cycle cost analysis, taking into account:

  • the costs of operation,
  • cost of maintenance,
  • and the cost of replacement or release.

So this process allows you analyze the life cycle cost (LCC) of the required investment.

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