Bikes in the offices

What do I have in a travel week So many of us travel often, we have a routine, and there are some basic things that are common to all of the work travelers. You arrive to an airport, go to the hotel, go to the office, come back to the hotel, and at the end … Read more

III Maratón MTB ciudad de Tarifa

Family traveling, me preparing the vacations to the Pyrenees mountains, and suddenly the possibility to ride this race. For sure I’m still far away of the shape I need for the Pyrenees, but this was a good check point to know how I was. The total distance, taking into account the launched start was 62.17 … Read more

Bike-a-thon Bridge to the Beach, 2017

Last year we did the ride from Philadelphia to Atlantic City, this year we repeated. The weather this time was better and we completed the distance at 13.30. We stopped a lot and we were talking to so much people during the whole journey. So when we arrived to Atlantic City, we were in better … Read more

Bike-a-thon Bridge to the Beach

Last Sunday I participated on this ride organized by ACS (American Cancer Society). Between the route and the road to home we did 120 kms, which is not a bad distance with the temperature and the humidity we had. The route itself has interesting parts with nice views and some others that are a little … Read more

Strava heat-map

When I discovered the global Strava heat map I was doing the same thing that the day I installed google earth on my computer: looking for places. The only difference was what to look for: some years ago it was NYC and now it’s the tourmalet road. So many things to investigate: Countries where adoption … Read more

Bikes and cities

I read an article about the the positive impact of the use of the bike in Paris after the people receive a monthly compensation for going to job by bike, promoting a set of behaviors that benefits the whole city. This made me think about bike adoption in cities. I´m becoming older and I am able … Read more

Ainsa, a nice mountain bike week

This year I was able to go to the Pyrenees mountain and ride for five days on the never-ending trails of Ainsa. Nice place to ride and rest, a year where we picked the routes in a very good way. The only problem we had was the temperature, so so warm days. (Bajo de Peña … Read more