Ainsa, a nice mountain bike week

This year I was able to go to the Pyrenees mountain and ride for five days on the never-ending trails of Ainsa. Nice place to ride and rest, a year where we picked the routes in a very good way. The only problem we had was the temperature, so so warm days. (Bajo de Peña … Read more

Better time response

Now this blog is hosted in a different server, and the result is just better in terms of time response. I came from an average load time of 3,5s to an average load time of 2,15s. The first 2 requests took 1,3s; mainly the web browser waiting for response from server (yellow line). Now this … Read more

Linkedin, reinventing the market

Imagine you are the HR lead for a big organization. You know Linkedin is the more used professional network used by the employees. This network manages candidates appliances for other companies (mainly your competitors). And then, you want to know: how many of your employees are applying to jobs in other companies, which countries shows … Read more

Spurs Hammer

During the NBA final series there has been a move which has been mentioned so much in the forums and on the TV, it is the Hammer, which belongs to the Zipper Series of the Spurs playbook. This is really aesthetically pleasant move; and very difficult to implement, by the way.

Shared hostings, revenue per server

I continue trying to understand how hosting companies earn money with their services. I cannot calculate the TCO per server or per user, but I can do some figures to calculate the revenue per server: I have the prices on the web page and I can know the number of customers for a given server … Read more

The IT Spending Projections

This Gartner article talks about something I have been commenting with some colleagues several times: the customers are spending less and less money. IT is an industry that destroys itself, and some times or some events provokes the expenditure to be reduced. What the article provides are details and figures that explains the trend. It reduces … Read more

Thinking about a wandering life

Sometimes I think about how much “wondering” I am in a given moment, how ready I am for packing and going to any other place. Sometimes I see my self as an old guy who misses the home even when I still have not done any move to anyplace. Some other times I see myself … Read more