Bogus PrestaShop Instructions per Second

I do not you, but I have still not found a clear standard way to meaure the E2E time response of a web hosting provider for a prestashop store. I know my shared hosting has a slow First Time response, but where to go?

On WordPress someone created a plugin to measure the CPU speed, the network transfer and database queries per second. The way to compare with others is not accurate, but it’s better than nothing.

When you are using a shared server, the CPU, the number of neighbors and many other aspects are key to understand the time response, but I want to be able to compare apples with apples, and avoid every single provider to tell me why their hosting is faster than others.

Other aspect relevant for me, is that I want speed on Prestashop configuration, I don’t care about WordPress or joomla or other environments.

So, I’m looking for the Kms/h refference, something like “Bogus PrestaShop Instructions per Second” (BogoPips) that enable the community to compare apples with apples.

Is there already something in place?

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