Safe harbor principle

I have been involved in some conversations related to these principles and the consequences on the future strategies for the workforce management. It’s interesting the point of the principle where this is a system where the companies are incorporated and where they declare to be agree wth the principles, nevertheless they are not obliged … Read more

Travels to do

List of travels I have to do, without an order: Route of 21 days walking on the Annapurna mountains. Bután. Walking routes in the Tibet. Lisbon – Oporto by bike (330 kms). Cali – Quito – Lima – Arequipa with visit to the mountains. French Guayana Pirineos mountains from Portbou (Mediterranean sea) to Fuenterrabía (Cantabric … Read more

Error or cosmetic detail?

We are finishing the UAT and now we are in the controversy of classifying the different errors found by the test team. At this point, the PM and the product owner are fighting against some “cosmetic details” that are classified as “errors”. We are gathering all and we have to have a meeting to reach … Read more

Arte nuevo de hacer comedias en este tiempo

Muchas veces ignoramos a los clásicos por ser muy leídos, por no aportar algo diferente o vanguardista… o yo que sé porque. El hecho es que los clásicos de la literatura son muy amplios y encontrar género literario adecuado al gusto de cada uno hace que ese clásico sea de muy buena calidad y grato … Read more

Gijon – Covadonga, by bike

Yesterday we did this route with our bikes. 11 riders with a lot of energy from Gijón to Covadonga, doing it with a mixed route with a lot of tracks and local roads. It was a pleasant day with a lot of anecdotes. I hope to repeat it next year.

Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms

Some reading for my summer time: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms There are interesting details that helped me to understand the position of Microsoft in this area and the evolution Business Objects is taking. Open source solutions as Pentaho and Jaspersoft are mentioned but not ranked becuase they do not reach the minimum … Read more

Targeted Risk Assessment (TAR)

Targeted Risk Assessment (TAR), that offers an integrated tool that helps on: Worker Exposure, Consumer Exposure, Environmental Exposure. I have downloaded the first one (Worker Exposure), it’s an Excel spreadsheet!! It allows the user to calculate predictions for inhalatory and dermal exposure (Tier 1 level) for the benefit of performing Chemical Safety Assessments. It’s very … Read more