Funny e-mail wars

People behavior is something that is usually reflected on e-mails and if you know the people behind the e-mails you can know a lot of things between the lines. The funny situation is when someone is asking to other something without knowing him/her. And then the disconnection starts. This week I saw it and it … Read more

Succession plans

All companies, and specially consulting and IT companies, change people from one position to other by different reasons. For more defined roles or less complex roles, the transition from one person to other is smooth and there is not major issues for the new person and for the quality of the outputs delivered from this … Read more

Old store, new store

After one year using webnode there are some features that invite us to move to other solution. The main reasons are: Look & feel on the pictures is not configurable, and pictures cannot be shown with the enough size we require. Look & feel on the pictures on lists is not configurable. When you sell … Read more

Windchill (basic things)

For my learning purposes, revision of documentation related to this product. Windchill is a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software product that is offered by PTC. In 1998 Windchill was the first to market with an internet based PLM solution. In 2001, Windchill ProjectLink launched as a solution for project collaboration. In 2002, Windchill PDMLink launched … Read more

The Service-Profit Chain

This article talks about the elements that contributes to make the services to be successful. The service-profit chain establishes relationships between profitability, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity. The links in the chain (which should be regarded as propositions) are as follows: Profit and growth are stimulated primarily by customer loyalty. Loyalty is … Read more

III Trial Valgrande-Pajares

As 2 years ago, this weekend I run the Trial Valgrande-Pajares. Distance around 21 km, Total gradient 3100 m This time I stopped the clock in 4:14:05. Better feeling than 2 years ago, the training sessions on the mountain during 2 weeks helped a lot. The speed used since first kilometer also helped a lot. … Read more

Ball park estimates

There’s a time every year when all people perform their foresee for coming year. When this time arrives, IT leads and business people start to ask for estimations they are going to use for incoming years. This happens and the summer this will not happen, it will mean my customer does not want to work … Read more

SAP technical upgrade go-live successful

Today is a date to remember. 3rd and 4th August 2012, the day we moved to production the ECC6 version of the HCM environment. Not the end of the project but a great milestone. After the go-live there are some activities for the closing the project, that are: Back-up of the new system, Fix some … Read more

Team changes, why?

I’m facing a weird situation where a team member is going to be replaced by other person. I’m happy with the employee, the employee is happy with the position… so what’s wrong? The line manager is not good and does not have the enough maturity to understand the things we perform for our customer and … Read more