Windchill (basic things)

For my learning purposes, revision of documentation related to this product.

Windchill is a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software product that is offered by PTC.

  • In 1998 Windchill was the first to market with an internet based PLM solution.
  • In 2001, Windchill ProjectLink launched as a solution for project collaboration.
  • In 2002, Windchill PDMLink launched as a solution for product data management.

Processes and modules:

  • Windchill ProjectLink – A collaborative management tool.
  • Windchill MPMLink – A PLM application for manufacturing engineers.
  • Windchill PDMLink – A web-based master product data management repository that also helps teams manage critical processes such as change/configuration management, and detailed design. Windchill PDMLink also serves as the foundation for many optional modules such as Pro/INTRALINK, Windchill MPMLink, Windchill PartsLink and Windchill Supplier Management.
  • Windchill PPMLink – Provides Program Portfolio Management (PPM) capabilities to discrete manufacturers.
  • Requirements Management – A combination of PTC’s Integrity product and Windchill PDMLink to manage product software and hardware requirements.
  • Windchill Compliance – Tracks and manages product compliance throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Windchill Materials & Substances – Integrates with existing enterprise systems to provide materials and substances in products based on an accurate BOM.
  • Windchill Cost – Provides real-time product cost estimates and analysis.
  • Windchill LCA – Allows manufacturers to use LCA (Lifecycle Assessment) data to quantify the environmental impact of products over their entire lifecycle.
  • Windchill FRACAS – FRACAS (Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System) manages corrective action processes to improve product reliability.
  • Windchill FMEA –Helps identify potential failure modes in a system.
  • Windchill FTA – Constructs a graphical representation of an issue and provides an analysis tool.
  • Windchill Prediction – Helps assess product reliability early in the design process.
  • Windchill CAPA – Helps manage the intake, tracking, resolution, and analysis of quality issues.
  • Windchill Nonconformance – manages the intake, evaluation, resolution and tracking of nonconforming products.
  • Windchill Customer Experience Management – Helps manage and address customer complaint.
  • Windchill Service Information Manager – Helps organize and manage service information to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  • Windchill Service Parts – Uses engineering CAD data to define spare parts information.


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