Teamstudio analyzer

Analyzer uses a database to write out results of a database audit. Really you are ‘the analyzer’ because the tool extract all the information and you have to work on it. I have found in Lotus Sandbox a person who built useful views to use Analyzer. It helped me a lot because the default views … Read more

Teamstudio Delta

Delta uses this database for writing out difference reports between documents or design elements. Today I have extracted some report with different options. It has helped me to compare code between different design elements. The problem I see is that you cannot compare in an agent, for instance, which parts of the code are really … Read more

About Usability

We cannot forget usability when we think in solutions for users. This sensitivity must be present even in all things that we do. I have read some of these articles that remember us the basic rules of this important aspect of a successful project.

Many Eyes

IBM has published a new product, many eyes, that tries to enter new concepts mixing Social Networking with graphic data procesing. A collection of publicly shared data sets held on the site. All these visualizations are commented as a blog Entry or a forum, you can rate them… One of the most exciting features is … Read more