Teamstudio analyzer

Analyzer uses a database to write out results of a database audit. Really you are ‘the analyzer’ because the tool extract all the information and you have to work on it.

I have found in Lotus Sandbox a person who built useful views to use Analyzer. It helped me a lot because the default views of the analyzer template are not enough to come to a conclusion

2 thoughts on “Teamstudio analyzer”

  1. Yep, Analyzer just tells you what is in your database 🙂 But have you tried the Audit feature? It lets you build up a series of rules to check pretty much anything that Analyzer has found in your database.

    Your criticism of the standard Analyzer template is perfectly valid. I am sometimes frustrated with it too. However, the design is open and we encourage people to produce views so they can get the most from the tool, which is exactly what Kevin Pettitt did.


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