During this year we are deploying CMMI in our Service Support.

The best benefit of this deployment has been the increase of business visibility that people has learned about the activities they perform.

Before to have it, people worked without understand some essential topics of the business. Now people feel more comfortable with the tasks they are performing due to they know the business effect each task has.

I need to improve this knowledge, but the initial evolution is encouraging.

Loosing the Support Abilities of a Product

This Problem has been a headache during all the existence of Domino.doc, nobody knows what’s the problem about it.

Finally IBM has found the solution to the problem, a release later to the original problem: the problem started with 6.5.1 and the solution has been published for 7.0,

but… anyway,

The client has 6.5.1 as product and all these kind of solutions are being developed for 7.0. In addition, Quickr is coming soon…

So with daily things like this is how the client is seeing they need to migrate the product: we’re loosing abilities in the support of our Tool!


I have added to my hosting an OsCommerce installation with the purpose of seeing the features and help a friend to build his e-commerce portal.

Once again, the only thing we need to do is to understand the features and feed the program with all the required information. I love all the different people who is building tools in this way.

In addition we need to look for all the security guidelines, find a funny look for the portal, and understand how this tool will be integrated in the administrative tasks of his company…

Who said ‘time is gold’? Again the time, the big forgotten.