Coronavirus and S&P

It is the first time that I have a situation like this while studying indicators like these ones, so I am going to document what is going on. The starting snapshot 4 weeks after the historical highest SPX when was at 3400 points this is what happens. Initial view The McClellan oscillator seems to decrease … Read more


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Utility Stocks-2020

This article, titled as “Top 10 Utility Stocks For Dividend Growth And Income”, show a table with data of the selected companies. The analysis is very rich and didactic about the data he collects and how he assess it. To me this table is very good summary.I was thinking about how to retrieve data from … Read more

The Dividend Investing Resource Center

This is a must link I am using since some time, and I wanted to keep it outside of my laptop. I love the excel with the updated data, specially: The table of changes of the major dividend players, specially those that are “out” of the dividend kings or aristocrats lists. The fact that … Read more

Robinhood App is down

Today, March 2nd 2020 Robinhood application is down. One interesting day to trade as volumes are up, so I cannot do it. Yes, fees are small, and they are covered by the acceptance of the terms of use, but by this reason I operate with this broker only the R&D portfolio.