A Five-Stage Model of the mental activities

One of the knowledge areas I love is the HR management and the way you can improve the knowledge of the people who works with you.

Thanks to Herding Cats I have discovered this model and it helps me as guide for knowing where the people of my group are and what’s the next maturity level for each one.

I have also found what it’s supposed to be the original document from Stuart E. Dreyfus and Hubert L. Dreyfus. link

Technical Risk

The problem of security in the Lotus WSDL was fixed thanks to some of the links below and the changes we did on the server configuration.

With it, this technical risk of the project is mitigated, now we have to go to the next one.

These kind of risks cause usually delay in the project if they are not treated properly. In this case, as I have been involved in the project from the initiation and I was able to get some time/resources to work on it, we are making advances.

Finally, other interesting factor has been that the resolution of this issue has been done without the typical pressure when you are on the project and even it has taken less time than estimated.

Secure WSDL in Lotus, MDS Forum

I have been doing some Searchs on the Blackberry MDS Forum in order to get information about the problem of access to a secure WSDL published in Lotus Domino Server.

Some of the more interesting links for me are:

  • This offers an easy way to fix it link,
  • This other reminds us that we need to work at least with BES 4.1.2 link,
  • This other is something I want to keep in mind when we deploy the application. This configuration problem is going to happen us, I’m sure. link,
  • A little guide with the steps to follow, link,

Now it’s time to test all these suggestions and see what’s the solution.

Looking my previous post, it looks as the approach I suggested was not right at all. Let’s see what’s the right answer.

Lotus & Blackberry with MDS Studio

We are studying how to deploy lotus applications with MDS Studio & WSDL.

The starting was easy, but the real problem has started when we have tested the security of the Blackberry device to the Lotus Notes database.

We have been investigating about the Lotus Notes sessions creation and there is no easy way to get the session accesing with the the WSDL. I have done applications accesing using DIIOP and the NotesFactory object but this approach does not convince me at all.

Now we are thinking about to get the session using the POST method on the “?login” page of the Domino server and trying to use that session for the mobile user.

The questions that round my mind are:

– Is going to be possible to get the session with this method?
– Is able the Blackberry to store that session for next calls to the Lotus Domino Server?
– How is it possible that I have not found nothing about this problem on the Internet?

I hope to get some answers next week,

Reach, Enabling Flexibility to the current Processes

One of the big deals we are facing about REACh is the fact that we need to change some business processes to allow the integration of the REACh compliance tools in our customers. We need to trace the path from the existing manual or non-existent processes to the proposed business management we offer with our tools.

Ok, all people involved in these changes knows that they have to do it. However to provoke the real change is taking a big effort.

High level stakeholders are convinced of the need and the change, people who work in these processes no. Why?? The ROI in terms of time has not been explained properly. It’s easy, they only need to know that they are going to save time!! After that, all done.