Loosing the Support Abilities of a Product

This Problem has been a headache during all the existence of Domino.doc, nobody knows what’s the problem about it.

Finally IBM has found the solution to the problem, a release later to the original problem: the problem started with 6.5.1 and the solution has been published for 7.0,

but… anyway,

The client has 6.5.1 as product and all these kind of solutions are being developed for 7.0. In addition, Quickr is coming soon…

So with daily things like this is how the client is seeing they need to migrate the product: we’re loosing abilities in the support of our Tool!

Domino.doc API

Today I had the opportunity to work with Domino.doc API due to an enhancement in a migration tool.

The understanding of the API relationship is easy. The main amount of objects are implemented as collections so you only have to use the basic methods available for collections. After that, when you reach the ddoc object you work with an extension of a NotesDocument class, so it’s so easy.

The only problem I see is that it’s a little pain in the ass to work with it because you cannot control with the debugger the different values stored for each object. But anyway, if all objects are controlled, there’s no problem.

On the other hand, I have accessed to the Library using an http URL and a Notes URL. The Notes URL is slower than http.
Set Library = API.GetLibrary( libraryUrl $ )


I have a problem when I tried to make a search in a file cabinet:

The case of use is:

  1. The user access to a file cabinet.
  2. The user clicks on “Search” action in the menu.
  3. The user introduces the selection of a search.
  4. The user obtains the following error message: “The Object’s application or class is not available.”

The problem is in “Results” form, that the StartSearch routine doesn’t update the object “DominoDoc.SearchCTL” properly.

What do I need?

Domino.Doc and MS PowerPoint

I had a problem when I edit a PowerPoint presentation in a Web browser.

The presentation was opened in the default ‘slide show’ mode and the final user requested me to need the PowerPoint will be opened as edit mode.

After to reviewed the ‘Launch Associations’ and some configurations of the Domino and Domino.Doc I decided to look at the Internet.

I found this article that serves as solution for me.


It’s a good news for me, because I fixed the problem.

But something that I have learned in the short time I have worked with Domino.doc is that almost all of problems comes from Office and user computer configuration.