I have a problem when I tried to make a search in a file cabinet:

The case of use is:

  1. The user access to a file cabinet.
  2. The user clicks on “Search” action in the menu.
  3. The user introduces the selection of a search.
  4. The user obtains the following error message: “The Object’s application or class is not available.”

The problem is in “Results” form, that the StartSearch routine doesn’t update the object “DominoDoc.SearchCTL” properly.

What do I need?

1 thought on “DominoDoc.SearchCTL”

  1. The only thing I need to do is to install the final client Desktop Enabler.

    These kind of Objects are installed with Desktop Enabler

    In addition I have found a pdf document that help me to know the objects installed with Desktop Enabler and that I can check in the registry when some client doesn’t work properly.


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