Secure Telephony

BlackPhone is a smartphone designed from the bottom up, specifically for privacy.

I see some reasons about why this will become a trend.

  • People taking more care about their privacy.
  • Companies trying to preserve IP, and commercial activities.

The use of platforms as Whatsapp or the use of social networks, continue increasing, and there are already people that is having personal or professional issues.

This is the point where people will stop and say, I need to do something.

It is the same reason that made some years ago that SSL would be widely used, and it will be the same cycle that will affect to all the “things” connected to the net. The internet of the things should be named “the internet of the unsecured things”.

Think about webcams, routers… and now see what Shodan can do:

For me security on phones, things or whatever you can connect to the net is only a question of time.

Prestashop, changing configuration e-mail

I have changed the name of my shop in Preferences / Contact and shops, there is nothing to do, these values ​​do not change. I enter again and the old values come back again.

I was reviewing the php file and I found that the configuration values that where not working was: PS_SHOP_EMAIL.

I accessed to the database and on the ps_configuration table, I saw that the values for this key was duplicated. I have removed the duplicated value and now it is working fine.

Renew the kitchen, why not?

Our kitchen is 25 years old and we never did a change. We have been reviewing styles, shapes, prices, materials…

When we started to build the idea we found that what we wanted was so expensive to buy. We wanted a very customized kitchen with nice tales, natural wood doors, the level of the counter-top at 1 meter high, natural top and some other details.

The solution? do it by ourselves.

Let’s see how it works.

The beginning is easy: destruction!!


Prestashop, navigation on panels not working

I had an issue on the panels where the products are listed. For some of the categories the navigation was working, but for some others the navigation failed. You can click on:

  • Sort by grid,
  • Sort by list
  • Next, to access to the following list of 10 or 20 products.

After performing so many checks I found that the cause that was governing the navigation was the module blocklayered, and that it was not working properly.

  1. I changed some properties, and it did not work.
  2. I execute the cron jobs, and it did not work.

I have reset it and now is working fine!!!! the panels are working and the navigation is running fine.

Other recommendation, if you are updating products and categories (something very usual) you should rebuild these indexes of the module blocklayered:

Prestashop 1.5.6, new storage system

I have found on Prestashop 1.5.6 there is a new storage system. To enable the move of images to this new system you have to:

1.- Edit your config/ file and set shop creation date “in the past” earlier than 2013-03-26. Why? The stores more recent to this date will already use the new storage system, so no move is required. The situation is weird when you have installed an old version of Prestashop after that date.

2.- Then, edit controllers/admin/AdminImagesController.php

3.- Look for “// No need to display the old image system”

4.- Below the comment line I found: “$this->display_move = false;”

5.- Replace by: “$this->display_move = true;”

6.- Then go to Preferences -> Images and click Move Images.

7.- When it will be done – change code as before or leave it.

Prestashop, issue

We have this issue on the Prestashop front office language,



It requires to increase and suhosin.request.max_var to a minimum of 1441.

In our case, I need my hosting provider to increase these values on the php.ini file.

This post is very useful to understand basic concepts about the PHP configuration.

Example of php.ini file with relevant performance parameters:

memory_limit = 2048M
max_execution_time = 1000;
max_input_time = -1;
post_max_size = 15M;
upload_max_filesize = 15M;
max_input_vars = 10000;
suhosin.get.max_vars = 10000; = 10000;

Mobile applications are stealing your personal data

You download a free application to your mobile and use it for play to a game, access to weather channel, see stock price or whatever you use it.

This is an interesting article that talks about the abusive situation that exist around the lack of protection of the data stored in your mobile phone.

I see this as an opportunity for those who know how to do it: to create a mobile application that tells you which data is retrieved by each one of the applications that you have installed on your phone!

Fortunately other guys though about it before me: “LBE Security Master”, This app allow you to control each permission of the installed applications (Autorize, Ask me, Refuse), it is implemented for Android.

Unfortunately these apps usually (always?) require root access. This immediately adds it’s own risk, and issues. The alternative can be ADP (Adblock Plus), it will give more functions if you have root, but it doesn’t need root to work.

For the companies, where they are always looking for security measures to protect the intellectual property they should be thinking about this major issue.

Trusted vendors already offer isolated applications that prevent from these issues, with encryption, password access, etc, but nowadays mobile environments are wild wild west.