Books delivered in different days

I purchased 8 copies of a book I wrote for a training course I organized. It’s not the first time I do this, but this time something fun happens. Seven have been delivered (“entregado”), one is delayed (“demorado”). In a tweeted I sent I added “#Amazon” as hashtag asking: “I would love to understand the … Read more

Micro-payments impact in Manufacturing

On the manufacturing research group I’m engaged we are looking for 3 things: One of the ideas that came to me is the impact of the micro-payments in consumer environments and how this phenomenon that started in Internet is jumping into the physical world. Sorry but I only have questions: Related to the manufacturing industry: … Read more

Supply chain director, experiment

Warning! the interesting part comes after the list, on next I looked for job descriptions for a “Supply Chain Director” role focused on Manufacturing in United States. This is the list of responsibilities which are requested: Context and purpose This is an experiment related to a research we are doing about manufacturing industry. Warning: as … Read more

Agile at Tesla

I have been watching this video from Jon Justice in Agile Munich, and I would like to conserve some notes. I have seen some other parts of similar videos, so some notes comes from other sources. Goal How to build hardware in three hours. Notes Limit the number of people in a team (no more … Read more

What is offers a passive monitoring solution, ensuring GDP compliance and auditability by using blockchain and IoT technology. Modum’s tested solution offers a significant cost savings over the active-cooling methods currently used. An additional benefit provided, through the use of cutting-edge technology, is that valuable data can be created to drive continuous improvement … Read more

Benchmarking by Solomon Associates

Solomon Associates created a methodology to measure the performance of the oil companies: Comparative Performance Analysis (CPA), started in 1980. Their registered motto is: measure, manage, maximize. One of the essential concepts is that only through this comparison process you can truly identify the areas where your facilities could improve. The main oil companies of … Read more

10 Good Manufacturing Practice rules

Ten suitable GMP ‘rules’, to be used for staff training: Confirm you are trained and have correct written instructions before starting any job. Follow instructions exactly. Report errors and bad practices immediately. Ensure you have the right materials before you start a job. Use the correct equipment for the job, confirm its status and cleanliness. … Read more