Automotive industry trends

Automotive Industry is suffering changes, as other industries: Speed of online purchases from other sectors (electronics, trips, retail, food…) is carrying over to car purchases. It’s very difficult to sell cars on-line and this requires to have car dealers around the geography. More and more people research cars on-line as first step for buying, then … Read more

QMS software

The project to complete my Bachelor Sciences Degree I was a QMS software, build in Lotus Notes, with reporting done using XML, and on LN5. In 2001 was a good project for my university. I built my modules based on total quality management principles that during the last 13 years have not changed so much. … Read more


The evolution of the automotive industry in the software world provoked the industrialization of the software principles; as result we have Autosar. AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a worldwide development partnership of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and other companies from the electronics, semiconductor and software industry. The AUTOSAR standard will serve as a platform upon … Read more

Herberts coating trades

I was writing about Herberts coatings in the past, and news I got during these days made me to pay attention of the story of owners of Herberts coatings. I have listed the data by event, so you can see how Herberts is changing of owner for time to time. This is the sequence of … Read more

Manufacturing sub-groups

I have been reading a report from IDC related to the manufacturing industry, and one of the things, I liked was the categorization done based on what it is that drives the cadence of the business and the associated supply chain. These sub-groups are: Asset – oriented value chains are characterized by large investments in … Read more

Supply chain and the demand headache

Supply chain organizations can benefit from greater visibility into the cadence of  demand. The problem is that the cadence of the demand is sometimes not clear or you cannot build a demand pattern to take advantage. By this reason, you can find businesses that defend the idea of using demand signals to run production strategies, … Read more

Logistics, 3PL & 4PL

I’m working on a logistics transformation, and it is letting me know the situation of the market with respect the logistics business, where all come from and where all go… Nowadays so many companies outsource part of the processes, typically IT and keep the management activities inside the company. The main question done before to … Read more

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII)

I have to gain some basic knowledge on SAP MII. To do it I was reviewing some basic information and looking for some business scenarios that help me to understand the whole thing. To understand the solution, just attend to the name: MII. Manufacturing, nothing to say here, Integration, it basically tries to integrate the … Read more

SAP PM Vs IBM Maximo

I am living the situation where my customer has implemented these 2 solutions on different plants. In the past the plants made decisions independently and now the organization faces this heterogeneous scenario. And now then the basic question: which one is the best one for the whole organization? If you look into the web about: … Read more