More market for security business

The industry of security on IT continues evolving and increasing the amount of activities. More new created needs due to a continuous growth of the security issues and the need to protect intellectual property. So many markets are created through legislation that turn into more and more complex compliance activities. OMB: Agencies must implement continuous … Read more


Andon is derived from a Japanese term for a type of paper lantern. In manufacturing it refers to a system to notify management, maintenance, and other workers of a quality or process problem. It started as a simple way of clear communication where Commonly color-coded is: Green: Normal operations. Yellow: – changeover or planned maintenance. Red: … Read more

SIMATIC IT Production Suite (2/2)

2. SIMATIC IT Components are designed to provide the functionality to update the status of the plant’s elements, maintain historical records, transform materials, modify orders and so forth. 2.1. At Line Testing (ALT): According to the international ISA-95 standard, production processes and output must be subjected to quality tests. These can be work instructions or … Read more

At Line Estimate

According to the international ISA-95 standard, production processes and output must be subjected to quality tests. In addition to ensuring that the correct resources (equipment, materials and personnel) are used, quality tests check that products conform to quality standards and can be released (within specified conditions). In at-line tests, items or samples are taken out … Read more

SAP Landscape Transformation

I have assisted to a couple of sessions on SAP Landscape Transformation training, for the HCM split we have to perform. During the system split, we will migrate parts of the SAP HCM data of a system into a new system. After the conversion, the new system only contains the migrated SAP HCM data. Some … Read more

Simatic IT, Intelligence suite

The main components the users can work with are: scorecards and dashboards. You can: Create/manage your own scorecards, save them, share them. Create/manage dashboards adding/removing scorecards. As you classify the equipment by different layers, you can build scorecards at different levels. Measure Operating Equipment Effectiveness (OEE% =availability% x performance% x quality%). Monitor downtime. Monitor electricity … Read more

Running Vertical Pico Tiñosa

Después de un año, y con poco entrenamiento en las piernas he vuelto a disfrutar de una mañana de montaña por un sitio que además no conocía: el pico de la Tiñosa. Para ser Noviembre parece que estábamos en Septiembre: soleado, sin viento apenas. Muy bien hasta el km 9. Del 10 al 13 lo … Read more

SIMATIC IT Production Suite (1/2)

Trying to understand how this product is divided, I invested some time on the support documentation provided by Siemens. The main 2 components of SIMATIC IT are Production Modeler and Components: 1. SIMATIC IT Production Modeler offers a modeling environment in which the various functions provided by SIMATIC IT Components are graphically combined to define … Read more