Crisis 2038, a novel by Gerald Huff

The name of this novel comes from the problem generated by 32-bit integer where the digital representation of the time in many digital systems goes from 00:00:00 UTC on 1 January 1970 to 03:14:07 UTC on 19 January 2038. After that time these systems cannot encode more seconds. The book covers different angles of the … Read more

Enseñanzas de Kostolany

Enseñanzas de Andre Kostolany

En este libro, publicado en 1986, utiliza un estilo de entrevista muy ameno con tintes autobiográficos, preguntas y respuestas que tocan aspectos clave sobre los convencimientos y las posturas que un especulador en bolsa debería tener.

Maps and civilization

I have picked this book to learn about maps and improve my knowledge on cartography, and see if it helps on the deeper understanding of Wardley Maps. The amount and quality of data on the book is great and the author is so concise and direct, so you do not lose time reading extra pages that … Read more

The Fifth risk

I bought this book in 2019 but I was not able to read it till now, with the quarantine I remembered I had this one on a shelf. Very interesting to understand how the different governmental organizations work and how the transitions were completed (or not in this case). I love the personal stories that … Read more

The New Trading For a Living

This book written by Alexander Elder is a fantastic way to start learning trading. I learn a lot from Systematic Trading about how to be systematic and how to manage your portfolio. But with this book I learn the different types of trading, how to focus on the behavior, how to build your own habits … Read more

Trading en la zona, de Mark Douglas

Este libro es muy interesante si lo que buscas es entender los principales aspectos psicológicos que el trading tiene sobre la persona. No solo describe los sesgos y comportamientos del trader ante las pérdidas y las ganancias, sino que además añade algunos mecanismos de como afrontar y planificar ciertas situaciones que se te pueden dar. … Read more