Process Mining at Celonis

While watching this event from Data Driven NYC called “Bootstrapping a Decacorn on $15k with Celonis CEO Alex Rinke“. I have been taking some notes and ended reading “Process Mining for Dummies” book.

Basic actions on processes

  • Standardizing: Making the process as repeatable as possible, and ensuring that the process as-is matches the process as-designed.
  • Streamlining: Removing redundant or unnecessary activities from the process.
  • Optimizing: Reengineering the process to produce more value, such as improving quality or reducing costs.
  • Automating: Removing aspects of the process that require human efforts.

Celonis divides between:

  • Back office use cases and front office use cases.
  • Before to focus on specific use cases, the analysis is at processes level. Looking to the end to end of different processes.

Engagement types:

  • Standalone process mining project: This is essentially a discovery-only approach. Your process mining expedition collects the data and generates insights, and then yourorganization works to figure out what to do with those insights.
  • Process mining enhancement approach: In this concept, your process mining initiative is loosely connected with other initiatives. Automation, for example, can turn some of your insights into actions.
  • Execution management system approach: This is the most all-in concept. Process mining is embedded into a wider execution platform to help you maximize business performance on a broad scale.

Mining Tools

During the video Alex Rinke comment some important aspects about the choices and decisions they took, and combined with the information published in the web, it’s interesting to see how quick they moved.

  • Process Mining Manifesto was published in 2011 and they created the company the same year.
  • They had first version of the product in 3 weeks.
  • Celonis 3.0 was launched in 2013.
  • They reach an agreement with SAP in 2015.
  • Celonis 4.0 was launched in 2016.
  • The decided to move to US in 2018, they had clear there were an empty space to cover and they went directly to the major market, avoiding another player covered that empty space.

Last, he comment that partnership did not work for them, he did not disclose the reasons.

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