Six Sigma Black Belt

After obtaining the Green Belt I continued working on the certification for Black Belt Six Sigma. The project delivered was very well appreciated, and there are so many details that were welcomed onto the analysis and definition stage. For those who want to work on this type of organization, my recommendation is to do it … Read more

Strava heat-map

When I discovered the global Strava heat map I was doing the same thing that the day I installed google earth on my computer: looking for places. The only difference was what to look for: some years ago it was NYC and now it’s the tourmalet road. So many things to investigate: Countries where adoption … Read more

Bikes and cities

I read an article about the the positive impact of the use of the bike in Paris after the people receive a monthly compensation for going to job by bike, promoting a set of behaviors that benefits the whole city. This made me think about bike adoption in cities. I´m becoming older and I am able … Read more

Banks and software companies

Imagine a bank that offers you a saving money application linked to your account, with different methods as kakebo, denying you to buy something if you surpassed the limit. They can organize that information, analyze it, build risk assessments on the market, sell the data… Whatever! Banks should start to compete in the digital arena … Read more

My improvement initiative is not moving

Plan a strategy is easy if you assume that all stakeholders are going to accept the changes immediately. But this never is the case; to remove these hurdles you have to plan how to face these change stoppers. Other factor to take in consideration is speed: In the same way that when developing software you … Read more

Amsterdam, design

Design, design and more design is what you can find in so many corners of Dutch’s cities. All of them developed with high quality and nice style. My preference is the home design of furniture, how they play with the space of a room and how the ergonomic aspects are present in all details. First … Read more

Berlin, again

I spent some days in Berlin, working and having only the nights to enjoy the city. Dinners in a Russian restaurant and a glass of wine in an Italian winery was just an example about the opportunities you have. First time in Winter; and we were lucky of enjoying sunny days combined with a nice … Read more

Zurmo, campaigns execution: typical problems

When working with massive Zurmo campaigns of marketing, I have learned some tips I want to remind. Rows and columns report This article summarizes so much well what to do. Important the point that says: It is important that the report that you create has to be “rows and columns report”. Sequence Once the template, … Read more

Shopify sitemap.xml

Shopify sells that they generate and refresh sitemap.xml file on all their stores, so I was not paying attention to it. My fault was to add it on Google Web Master tool. It is curious that the file contained only 4 link entries. I checked 24 hours later that all entries of the site were … Read more

Hadoop, Pig

My learning on the basic concepts of Hadoop continues. Pig has 2 basic elements: Pig Latin, it’s a data flow language used by programmers to write pig programs Pig Latin compiler: converts pig latin code into executable code. Executable code is in form of MapReduce jobs or it can spawn a process where virtual Hadoop … Read more