My improvement initiative is not moving

Plan a strategy is easy if you assume that all stakeholders are going to accept the changes immediately. But this never is the case; to remove these hurdles you have to plan how to face these change stoppers.

Other factor to take in consideration is speed: In the same way that when developing software you have to measure the speed of development of your team, when implementing changes, you have to evaluate the speed of changes.

Escalation through the hierarchy is the answer; in this way you align behaviors, and this enables you to accelerate the speed of changes.

Well nice summary of an ideal simplified environment, but what happens when the authority is not acting? when things are escalated and they are not being attended; you feel your initiative is not a priority in the head of the guy leading the show…

Link your initiative to his/her need.It is the only way the management reacts. After 3 months pushing the speed of changes without success I found the way to speed it up like a rocket. I was able to get the attention of the boss of the guy leading the show with respect the opportunity on such customer. This has made the “change initiative” is now a priority for the guy leading the show. Now I guide the visits to this customer and add my changes to the todo list, having a better speed on changes.

This speed is not stabilized but people have a sense of urgency on the need to change: their bonus is now at ‘risk’.

The tactic is simple, there is customer meeting every 2 months, so we prepare the meeting with customer feedback + changes. This is the way to get the things done: the agile sprint principles applied in an improvement plan.

My problem will come again when top management disappears 🙁

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