Learning sprints

Learning is the process of acquiring new understanding, knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, and preferences. It’s not just to complete courses, it requires practice and go beyond when reading a book or completing a training course.

By that reason, I am working on learning sprints (or slots) related to areas of knowledge I have interest. I decided that each learning sprint should have some minimum conditions.

  • Defined with V2MOM model.
  • To be in a natural quarter: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4.
  • Document the different learns.

These are the sprints I have completed:

Any suggestion?

Training Courses,

These are the detailed list of training courses I have completed during my career. I have a TO-DO list for this year.

2020Scrum Foundations: Transitioning to ScrumDXC University1
2020 Agile Principles and MethodologiesDXC University1
2019RPA Starter TrainingUIPath Academy4
2018DXC DevOps Dojo Green BeltDXC University4
2018 Get your PgMP® Certification on your first attempt [4th Ed] Udemy5
2018DXC Bionix Asset TrainingDXC University3
2018DXC Digital Foundation Certification DXC University3
2018DXC DevOps Dojo White BeltDXC University4
2018Data Classification and Machine LearningSkillsoft1.33
2018Introduction to Machine Learning and Supervised LearningSkillsoft0.67
2018Applying Machine LearningSkillsoft1
2017Introduction to HadoopSkillsoft1.5
2017Working with BitcoinSkillsoft1
2017Intro to Python for Data Science CourseData Camp4
2017Managing and Controlling Stakeholder Engagement (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft1.5
2017Project Stakeholder Management (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft1.5
2017Managing Procurements (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft2
2017Live Session 6: Control Schedule, Costs, Quality, Communications, Risk, Procurements, and Stakeholder Engagement and Closing ProcessesSkilsoft3
2017Live Session 4: Planning Risk, Procurement, and Stakeholder Management, Manage Project Work, Quality AssuranceSkilsoft3
2017Planning Project Procurement Management (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft1.5
2017Risk Response and Control (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft2
2017Performing Risk Analysis (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft2
2017Identifying Project Risks (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft1.5
2017Live Session 5: Project Team, Manage Communications, Conduct Procurements, Stakeholder Engagement, Monitoring and Controlling Project Work and ScopeSkilsoft3
2017Risk Management Planning (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft1.5
2017 Control Project Communications (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft1
2017Plan and Manage Project Communications (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft2
2017Managing Project Human Resources (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft2
2017Planning Project Human Resources (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft2
2017Live Session 3: Planning Cost, Quality, Human Resources, and Communications ManagementSkilsoft3
2017Quality Management for Continuous ImprovementSkilsoft1.5
2017Perform Quality Assurance and Quality Control (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft1
2017Plan Quality Management (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft2
2017Controlling Project Costs (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft1.5
2017Planning Project Costs (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft 2
2017Developing and Controlling the Project Schedule (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft2
2017Estimating Activity Resources and Durations (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft2
2017Live Session 2: Planning Schedule, Activities, Developing ScheduleSkilsoft3
2017Defining and Sequencing Project Activities (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft2
2017 Monitoring and Controlling Project Scope (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft1.5
2017Creating the Work Breakdown Structure (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft1.5
2017Live Session 1: Introduction to Projects, Poject Charter, Identify Stakeholders, Project Management Plan, Planning ScopeSkilsoft3
2017Project Requirements and Defining Scope (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft2
2017Strategic Alignment and Benefits Realization Skilsoft1.5
2017Capturing, Analyzing, and Managing Lessons LearnedSkilsoft1.5
2017Controlling Changes and Closing a Project (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft1
2017Direct, Monitor, and Control Project Work (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft1.5
2017Integrated Initiation and Planning (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft2
2017 Project Management Process Groups (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft2
2017Project Management Overview (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft1.5
2017Managing Projects within Organizations (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)Skilsoft2
2017Spartans White Belt modules and exam:
Apps Sales Play (MS Dynamics 365).
Apps Sales Play (Oracle).
Apps Sales Play (SAP).
Apps Sales Play (ServiceNow).
Analytics Sales Play.
Business Process Services Sales Play.
Security Sales Play.
Workplace Sales Play.
Cloud & Workload Sales Play.
2016Self Study - Functional Overview of DiscoveryServiceNow (PS-DELIVER-DISACC-OVERVIEW FOR DISCOVERY)0.5
2016L2 - App Modernization - Sales SpecializationDigital Applications Services - GBS1.5
2016L1 Oracle Practice Sales Awareness roleDigital Applications Services - GBS1.5
2016Project Scope and Change Management Overview (CORP931)CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2016SalesForce Admin BeginnerSalesForce Trailhead8.75
2015SalesForce Developer BeginnerSalesForce Trailhead15
2015Enterprise Applications on AWS: MicrosoftAWS Training and Certification1
2015Enterprise Applications on AWS: SAPAWS Training and Certification1
2015AWS Technical Professional (Released September 2015)AWS Training and Certification5
2015AWS Business Professional (Released September 2015)AWS Training and Certification5
2015Corp502, Avention OverviewCSC Sales Learning & Talent Development1
2015Corp860, Creating The Offering Sales Message PresentationCSC Sales Learning & Talent Development4
2015GBS065a Futur-Edge, Application Transformation AcceleratorCSC Futur-Edge For Modernization Sales Training1.3
2015 CAT415 Scrum in Practice OverviewCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management5
2015CAT419 Kanban OverviewCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management2
2015Program Executive CORP780CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management24
2015Big Data Technology FundamentalsAWS Training and Certification16
2014AP-200 Agility Platform EssentialsCSC Service Mesh16
2014Green Belt Six Sigma Lean/DFSS Certification ProgramAveta Business Institute60
2014Common Design for Six Sigma Methodologies, Design for X, and Robust DesignCSC Learning Services2
2014Six Sigma White BeltCSC Learning Services4
2014Cobit Foundations with Case Study (ITG-253 1.10)Quint Wellington Redwood24
2014Nonstatistical Analysis Methods in Six Sigma.CSC Learning Services 2
2013Global growth, Opportunity Planning - Can We Compete?CSC Sales Learning & Talent Development1
2013Global growth, Opportunity Planning - Can We Win?CSC Sales Learning & Talent Development1
2013Global growth, Opportunity Planning – Is it worth winning?CSC Sales Learning & Talent Development1
2013Cloud basis.CSC Learning Services1
2013 Transformation to the Cloud.CSC Learning Services1
2013Cloud IU for SAPCSC Learning Services1.5
2013Listening Essentials: Improving Your Listening SkillsSkillsoft1
2013Interpersonal Communication: Communicating with ConfidenceSkillsoft1
2013Introduction to LIMS (Laboratories Information Management System).CSC Learning Services1.5
2013 CSC Challenger Messaging Workshop.CSC Learning Services11
2013The Manufacturing Industry Overview: Version 3CSC Learning Services1
2013CISA Domain (Certified Information Systems Auditor): Governance and Management of IT - Part 1.CSC Learning Services2
2013CISA Domain (Certified Information Systems Auditor): Governance and Management of IT - Part 2.CSC Learning Services2
2012Project Leadership Orientation Simulation (PLOS) CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management40
2012Global growth (G2 Lite)CSC Sales Learning & Talent Development2
2012CSC Pulse Point Refresher trainingCSC Sales Learning & Talent Development1.5
2012CSC Sales Wisdom Executive BriefingCSC Sales Learning & Talent Development1
2012Global growth, Client Value Cycle. CSC Learning Services (30 m).CSC Learning Services0.5
2012Introduction to G2 Client Planning.CSC Sales Learning & Talent Development2
2012Six Sigma DMAIC Process Overview. Readtray (1.5 h).Readtray1.5
2011SSLM Knowledge ExchangeCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2011Application Development Projects and Systems Engineering Module 9 - Testing OverviewCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2011 Application Development Projects and Systems Engineering Module 10 - Quality Management and Audit LandscapeCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2011Application Portfolio Management (1 h).CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2011Bid & Proposal Guidelines (1h).CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2011Transition to OperationsCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2011Storage Solutions CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2011Solutions and ArchitectureCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2011Cloud Compute and BizCloudCSC Cloud webinars1
2011Application Portfolio ManagementCSC Sales Learning & Talent Development1
2010Specialization program in business management clientsFENA Business School72
2010 Managing FinancialsCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1.5
2010CAT409 Requirements EngineeringCSC Catalyst Virtual Academy2
2010CAT019 Program ManagementCSC Catalyst Virtual Academy2
2010CAT411 Agile PracticesCSC Catalyst Virtual Academy3
2010SAP Carbon Impact 4.2 Demo.CSC Germany1
2010 Security Technology Virtual sessionCSC France1
2010Webinar featuring MS AzureMicrosoft1
2009Technology Windows Virtual session.CSC France1
2009ITIL virtual session.CSC France1
2009South & West Region Management AcademyCSC France16
2009CAT004 Catalyst Phases and Sub-phases CSC Catalyst Virtual Academy2
2009Introduction to Six SigmaSkillsoft2
2009CAT006 Catalyst ICD (Iterative Customer Development)CSC Catalyst Virtual Academy3
2009CSC GPM CourseCSC Sales Learning & Talent Development24
2009CAT014 Organizational Change AwarenessCSC Catalyst Virtual Academy2
2009Estimating Tool Workshop CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management5
2009MS Project Professional - CSC Best Practices.CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management9
2009CSC ITIL AwarenessCSC Sales Learning & Talent Development1
2009Webinar, Agile ContractingRally Software2
2009Strategic Planning and Positioning for IT ProjectsSkillsoft5
2009 CAT000 Catalyst OverviewCSC Catalyst Virtual Academy2.5
2009CAT030 Applying Catalyst WorkshopCSC Catalyst Virtual Academy4
2009Bid & Proposal ManagementCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2009Managing Project Finances - Focus on ETCCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2009SAS70 & Code VulnerabilitiesCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2009Risk ManagementCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2009Scope & Change ManagementCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2009An Earned Value PrimerCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2009Expanding Business Opportunities - Executive PerspectiveCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1.5
2009Expanding Business Opportunities - PM Perspective CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1.5
2009The PM10 ModelCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1.5
2008Global Demand & Resource ManagementCSC Learning Services0.2
2008Planning and Identifying Project RiskCSC Learning Services2.5
2008Communications Planning and Information DistributionCSC Learning Services2.5
2008 Initiating a Project and Preparing the Project PlanCSC Learning Services2.5
2008Planning Project ScopeCSC Learning Services1.5
2008Day approach on REAChSGS Tecnos5
2008Project Management Competency Series: Architecture & POLDAT, Part 1CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1.5
2008Project Management Competency Series: Architecture & POLDAT, Part 2CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management 1.5
2008Client Management, Part 1 - Project PerspectiveCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1.5
2008Client Management, Part 2 - Program PerspectiveCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1.5
2008Project Management Competency Series: Staff Management PresentationCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1.5
2008Bid & Proposal Management (1 h).CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2008Collaborative Working Knowledge Exchange (1 h).CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2008Messaging projects (1 h).CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2008Evolving Toolsets and PMO (1 h).CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2008Server Installation (1 h).CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2008Server Virtualization (1h). CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2008Early Life Support (1 h).CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2008Managing the Gray Areas - Course#RMC1
2008CSA/CSR/ES WebinarReach-Centrum
2008The Manager as Project Champion (UK)CSC Learning Services4.5
2008Project Integration: Executing and Completing a Project CSC Learning Services2
2008CMMI Executive OverviewCSC Learning Services3
2008Budgeting and Controlling CostsCSC Learning Services2
2008ITIL Foundations V3.New Horizons16
2008GPMF Overview.CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management2.5
2008Finance and Business briefingsCSC Learning Services6.5
2007Introduction to IT. Project ManagementCSC Learning Services4
2007Role Dispatcher TrainingCSC Spain12
2007Proactive Approaches to Stop NegativityCSC Learning Services2
2007Decisions and RiskCSC Learning Services2
2007Functions of IT Project ManagersCSC Learning Services4.5
2007Elements of Project Time ManagementCSC Learning Services2.5
2007Strategic Planning & Risk ManagementCSC Learning Services2.5
2007Where the Rubber Meets the RoadCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2007Desktop Projects: At the Corner of Business & TechnologyCSC EMEA Project & Programme Management1
2007Introduction to Performa CSC EMEA Project & Programme Management2
2006Databases Administration with Oracle 9iPrograma de Formación continua of CEA50
2006IVA ManagementPrograma de Formación continua of CEA45
2006Skills of motivation of teamPrograma de Formación continua of CEA25
2006Strategy courseAbengoa8
2005Basic Finance Course. Abengoa. (8 h). Abengoa8
2005IBM Lotus Designer 6. Ingefor Consultores. (20 h).Ingefor Consultores20
2005Advanced PHPIngefor Consultores20
2004Introduction to new technologies with XML and JavaIngefor Consultores25
2002Java Programming Language (SL-276)Sun MicroSystems Training Services 25
2002Distributed Programming with Java Technology (SL-301)Sun MicroSystems Training Services25
2002Database Application Programming with Java Technology (SL-330)Sun MicroSystems Training Services15
2002Architecture of protocols TCP / IPFycsa16
2002JavaBeans Component Development (SL-291)Sun MicroSystems Training Services20
2002 Advanced Business Component Development with EJB Technology (SL-351)Sun MicroSystems Training Services25
2002Java Programming Language Workshop (SL-285)Sun MicroSystems Training Services25
2002GUI Construction with Java Foundation Classes (SL-320)Sun MicroSystems Training Services25
2002Web Component Development with Servlet and JSP Technology (SL-314)Sun MicroSystems Training Services25
2001Domino Workflow (DW310E) Learning Services Department of IBM16
2001System and Solutions OverviewViryaNet Global Education24
2001Administration and Maintenance course of Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.Avante Training40
2000Technician of prevention of labour risks. Medium Level.Fundación Laboral de la Construcción350
2000Development of applications with Lotus Domino Release 5.Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Puerto Real350


I listen podcasts in a regular way. These are the ones I have listened or I am engaged right now.



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