Year 3, Learning about Wardley Maps Q4

In Q3 slot my focus was to increase my basis about the Wardley Maps. I have translated the book into Spanish and I have started a set of maps related to gameplays.

During this quarter I would like to increase this knowledge with more examples and practical work. The big challenge to me is not going to be able to generate content, but to increase the number of people having conversations about it.

  • Vision: create real examples to cover the main axis of the maps: climate patterns, doctrines and gameplays.
  • Values: have fun, learn the details of the different people about it.
  • Method: create content and publish it on different places, combine the use on investment purposes.
  • Obstacles: Time, Ariel’s surgery.
  • Measures:
    • There are 30 climatic patterns, complete at least 20 examples of climate patterns.
    • There are 40 doctrines, complete at least 30 examples of doctrines.
    • There are 63 gameplays, complete at least 41 examples of gameplays.
    • Be able to attract some attention of this knowledge.

Death line = 31/December/2020

Results (January 2021)

  • Measures (Actual / target):
    • Climatic patterns, (2 / 20).
    • Doctrines, (2 / 30).
    • Gameplays, (5 / 41).
    • I have introduced Wardley maps in 3 events.
    • 9 posts related to concepts and principles.
    • I read a book about maps and its history that was interesting for my background.
    • A lot of interaction with people that is starting to be interested on this topic.

In conclusion, the number of content I have created is not the one I defined as target, but the interaction and evolution has been very positive.

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