Destructive and constructive actions

When change is required, and you are defining the actions you want to put in place, you have to define properly the actions and its sequence. In the same way the see builds the line of the coast with destructive and constructive waves, on a transformation program or change initiative you can have these two … Read more

Strategy analysis of environment

Understand your business environment is key when defining the approach of your strategy, the way you want to promote the change, penetrate a new market or just achieve your goal. Can I predict it? Can I shape it? Can I survive in it? Can I change it? What are my limits? For each type of … Read more

Fix mobile usability issues found

Google Sending Mobile usability warnings to huge number Of Webmasters. And the platforms as wordpress, prestashop, shopify…  are part of this massive communication. The message I receive is:  “Fix mobile usability issues found…”  follow by the domain name. My honest opinion is that this is the way Google is saying us: check out your mobile … Read more

Red and me, Bill Russel

I was doing my visit to the Barnes & Noble store and I found this book, read some pages randomly and I decided to buy it. The behavior principles of a person, the way to evolve in a relationship with a person who came from a different world, team management, leadership, respect, how to align … Read more

Donkey and Carrot in modern corporate life

What can you do with a current vendor who is not part of your future vendor strategy road map? Vendor management strategy is composed by complex set of actions based on basic principles and tactics. You have a current scenario, and you define future set of alliances with respect your portfolio of assets. Nothing new … Read more

Are you taking care of your career?

I found this picture that summarizes very well how the evolution of the work as we know today has changed, at least in the professional services environment that is where I work. Apart of these perspectives, I would like to highlight some others. You are a company, what is your value proposition? You have to … Read more