Destructive and constructive actions

When change is required, and you are defining the actions you want to put in place, you have to define properly the actions and its sequence.

In the same way the see builds the line of the coast with destructive and constructive waves, on a transformation program or change initiative you can have these two type of actions that will shape the beach in different ways.

Destructive waves erodes the current status quo, removes processes, behaviors even people. These actions use to be identified as negative actions but they are a necessary step if you want to put in place constructive actions. You have to evaluate the level of destruction you want to put in place, and measure the consequences of them. Destructive waves have high energy, these actions should be concrete and punctual. Too much destruction is not desired.

Constructive waves carries strong swash and have low energy. These actions requires more time to be put in place and space in the beach to let the sand there.

destructive-constructive-actionsThe combination of these two type of actions will enable you to build a beautiful wide sloping beach.

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