Sobre la calidad del agua

Hoy vino a casa un comercial de una empresa que vende aparatos de osmosis, con una demostración de electrólisis que trató de persuadirme de lo mala que era mi agua. 152 de TDS es lo que marcaba el aparato que usó para la calidad del agua, versus el agua osmotizada que marcaba 0.04. Encontré una … Read more

The big short

I bought it on Wednesday afternoon and I finish it on Sunday morning. I have friends that read so much quick when they have something motivating to read, but I do not usually do this type of things. 300 pages of fun for me. But it’s a book with very dramatic consequences and the scary … Read more

Open Source Frameworks Summary

I have been working on an analysis of different Open Source Frameworks. The criteria used on the analysis was the one commented here. The number of frameworks analyzed is limited, basically I had not time for all it did not make sense for the customer. We did a selection that you can consider good or … Read more

Beachhead Strategy

This strategy comes from the military concept beachhead. So business and marketing, have used this metaphor from military strategy to adopt the same approach in their context. The basic steps of this gameplay is: This strategy is particularly popular with startups and new product launches, where there are limited resources and they are trying to … Read more

Lose the habit

The habits you have in a regular basis are there for months. One of the main things that happens during vacations is that you stop some of these habits. It’s a liberating process where you focus on different activities and enjoy different things. Review these habits, think about them, determine new goals, new challenges and … Read more