Working on Financials activities

Some notes I have taken since I have started in my new position about financial activities, Don’t wait for the end of the month, Don’t assume someone else understands the commercial & financial profile, Don’t assume costs come in line with revenue, Do understand the pricing model and terms of engagement, Understand your labour mix … Read more

Transformational Vs Transactional Negotiations

I have read this interesting post in Mosaic Project’s blog, Transactional negotiations: “it’s essentially about trading or exchanging ideas, positions or things of value”. Transformational negotiations: “it’s about creating something new. At the point the parties enter a transformational negotiation they don’t know what the outcome will be. The outcome will be created by jointly … Read more

DuPont, not KKR, to buy Herberts

Some history to remind, it was November 1998 when… link “DuPont is to buy the Herberts coatings operation of Hoechst, replacing USfinancial buyout specialist Kohlberg Kravis Roberts(KKR)…” They continually are exceptional: “DuPont says it has been looking at the Herberts business for several years and feels it is an ‘exceptional’ fit in terms of complementary … Read more

SAP Carbon Impact

My notes on a presentation about this product: SAAS It’s not integrated in the SAP World. You can import/export using csv. Standard implementation project is about 3 months. CO2 price is part of your cost Actions/Menus: Assess, analyse, act, set-up Very straight forward and easy to use Metrics tons calculated in different units (CO2, CH4, … Read more

Measuring speed & altitude

Yesterday, after a week off I went to spend some time running, just 8 kms, short distance and slow speed. I used the sportypal and this was the variance between altitude & speed. just to my remember,

Sportypal, installation

I have down loaded sportypal for the blackberry Curve 8900. It’s weird that the file you down load from the web is a .COD file, if the file I need is the .ALX I have found it in another web, I don’t have time to install the blackberry developer environment just to convert the .COD … Read more

Seveso II Directive

For my learning, some reads on Council Directive Seveso II on the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances. The initiative borned as consequence of the disaster happened in Seveso (Italy). We are working on a document management solution for covering some reports requested by this directive.