Aspen InfoPlus.21®

For my personal learning from Aspen InfoPlus.21

It’s an information management system for real-time manufacturing processes.

Basically you buy an empty box. On top you can purchase additional applications, for instance:

  • Batch.21 to track batches.
  • AspenCalc to create specific calculations without programming.
  • Aspen CIM-IO for interfaces to plant measurements.
  • Aspen SQLplus, it’s a real-time applications development (all you don’t have in other products, you can do it here).
  • Aspen Event.21 process events and alarms.
  • Aspen Health Monitor; it can monitor of multiple IP.21 systems.
  • Aspen KPI Builder; it allows you create real-time, operational KPIs.

People who work with these systems need to be properly trained, they have to attend a training course that InfoPlus provides, for instance:

  • PME101 Aspen InfoPlus.21: Real Time Information Management Foundation
  • PME305 Aspen InfoPlus.21: Advanced System Administration
  • PME123 Aspen Calc: Using and Configuring
  • PME311 Aspen InfoPlus.21: Applications Development

Control-M (batch scheduling)

For my personal learning (from Wikipedia)

Control-M is workload automation (traditionally called batch scheduling) software produced by BMC Software, originally written for mainframes but also available for distributed computing platforms including Unix, Windows, Linux and OpenVMS environments.

BMC Software claims that Control-M is the most widely used scheduling software in large enterprises. It has many features which help maintain an organized job flow environment. It is mostly used in relation to finance and accounting where it can schedule JCL or scripts that perform daily, monthly, yearly tasks. Tasks in this sense could be anything, for example, calculating the month revenue and expenditure.
Control-M can also schedule jobs to run in set intervals such as every 15 minutes, every hour, etc…
Control-M can be integrated with applications such as SAP and Oracle’s PeopleSoft, to act as a scheduling organizer in these platforms.
With the addition of BMC Batch Discovery in 2007, Control-M is now positioned to integrate directly into the Remedy Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This integration helps identify the relationships between batch processes and other business and IT infrastructure components.

Selling SAAS to the wrong people

A drastic way of showing a sales scenario.

An IT lead visit one of his providers to talk about SAAS and he comes convinced that cost reduction is one of the benefits he is going to get.

His CEO is pushing him to reduce costs and SAAS seems to be the new IT trend will help him to do that.

Sales manager shows his offering and after the presentation and the detailed study of the numbers, the client sees how immediate cost reduction is not one of benefits he is going to achieve.

He was looking to pay in licences or fees less money that he is currently paying by the service he is currently paying.

What’s your need? Cost reduction?

You can reduce costs with some offerings obtaining for instance 100% of more new features but paying just a 25% more; is it cost reduction?

The problem is probably that your CEO’s understanding of cost reduction is different.

Captain Obvious

This week one of the team mates, were sending mails ensuring details of a project definition.

He finalized the e-mails signing as “Captain Obvious” excusing about he was asking for easy facts but that in his position he needed to know the written answer.

I was copied in some of these mails and I replied just to him with this:

” … Dear Captain obvious,

When you write down the suppositions to the documents you are returning them into affirmations, you are detailing them to agreements that help to ensure the things happen.

After, when thing fails, everybody asks themselves, what failed? … “

What a client looks for

As part of my learning process I just want to write a brief list of basic

  • Be prepared,
  • Demonstrate initiative,
  • Demonstrate a special interest in me,
  • Make me feel confortable,
  • Give me ideas and suggestions,
  • Provide evidence for your assertions,
  • Show an understanding for my role,
  • Let me acknowledge the opportunity,
  • Give me options,
  • Add value to our relationship,
  • Predict my objections,

(Bezanes, Parque de Redes, Asturias)