Aspen InfoPlus.21®

For my personal learning from Aspen InfoPlus.21

It’s an information management system for real-time manufacturing processes.

Basically you buy an empty box. On top you can purchase additional applications, for instance:

  • Batch.21 to track batches.
  • AspenCalc to create specific calculations without programming.
  • Aspen CIM-IO for interfaces to plant measurements.
  • Aspen SQLplus, it’s a real-time applications development (all you don’t have in other products, you can do it here).
  • Aspen Event.21 process events and alarms.
  • Aspen Health Monitor; it can monitor of multiple IP.21 systems.
  • Aspen KPI Builder; it allows you create real-time, operational KPIs.

People who work with these systems need to be properly trained, they have to attend a training course that InfoPlus provides, for instance:

  • PME101 Aspen InfoPlus.21: Real Time Information Management Foundation
  • PME305 Aspen InfoPlus.21: Advanced System Administration
  • PME123 Aspen Calc: Using and Configuring
  • PME311 Aspen InfoPlus.21: Applications Development

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