Hello Woocommerce, bye bye Prestashop

Lately I had a lot of problems with Prestashop that I was not able to solve. Maybe because I was not experience enough with it, or maybe because I did not understood how it works. The point is that I need to have something operational and with ability to solve the issues.

Yesterday I was looking for an alternative to rescue the data in an affordable format, and given the fact that some months ago I did a test with WooCommerce I though: I must not be the first one doing this.

So I installed a new WordPress instance, I installed WooCommerce and I used one of the plug-ins I found in the market place.

FG PrestaShop to WooCommerce

By Fréderic Gilles is the plug-in I used, very straight forward, with clear documentation, and nice log that tracks the situation of the data migration.

After that I cleaned some old data, review the categories and tags and that’s it. Now we only have to organize the menu and some widgets (I will do it during the weekend).

Total amount of work: 5 hours

My customer is now evaluating the alternative solution, let’s see what happens.

Prestashop admin user does not log in

My Prestashop’s admin user does not log in into the back-office, I have checked the password is right and I still cannot go in. The error message is:

“There is one error. the employee does not existor the password is wrong”

Reset Prestashop admin password

I have followed these steps recommended by different forums:

  1. Look in config/settings.inc.php file in your Prestashop directory and find out the _COOKIE_KEY_ value.
  2. I have copied the value of the parameter: <_COOKIE_KEY_>.
  3. I have updated the entry with the following line:
    UPDATE employee SET passwd = md5(“<_COOKIE_KEY_ value><yourNewPassword>”) WHERE email = “<youremailaddress>”;

This is not working to me, it still does not go in.

Enable error reporting

I have enabled error reporting on Prestashop. And the result is that there is a white screeen after I try to log in. So I have disable the error reporting.


How to move Prestashop to a new server

If you want to move Prestashop from one server to other, this guide is the more complete one.


In addition to me, I created a parking DNS to redirect the DNS from 1 hosting provider to other without change the domain contract.

I had an issue when uploading the SQL database because it was around 100MB and the time response were timed out. You just need to deselect “Allow the interruption of an import in case the script detects it is close to the PHP timeout limit”.

Once you access to the store admin, you have to review the configuration at least of:

  • Review multi-store URLs
  • Remove couldfront direction in case you have CDN.
  • Review the menu (just in case).
  • In general all modules: Social links, cms block….


Prestashop, multistore

I am trying to configure a multistore on Prestashop I create the new environment, I configure the virtual address and I can hide modules for this specific store. I can also create categories and products.

My issue: I cannot visualize the store, it only shows the top layer. There is not “body” 🙁

I go to module > positions, and all modules are there on each right position.

I enter on the “Run Live Edit” of the theme and it only shows the logo and an 404 error.

any idea about what I should review?


  • Follow the user support help document.
  • Categories: check at least a couple of them from the root shop.
  • Import all modules (you can disable them later).
  • Select the right theme (in my case this was important thing I was doing wrongly).

Bogus PrestaShop Instructions per Second

I do not you, but I have still not found a clear standard way to meaure the E2E time response of a web hosting provider for a prestashop store. I know my shared hosting has a slow First Time response, but where to go?

On WordPress someone created a plugin to measure the CPU speed, the network transfer and database queries per second. The way to compare with others is not accurate, but it’s better than nothing.

When you are using a shared server, the CPU, the number of neighbors and many other aspects are key to understand the time response, but I want to be able to compare apples with apples, and avoid every single provider to tell me why their hosting is faster than others.

Other aspect relevant for me, is that I want speed on Prestashop configuration, I don’t care about WordPress or joomla or other environments.

So, I’m looking for the Kms/h refference, something like “Bogus PrestaShop Instructions per Second” (BogoPips) that enable the community to compare apples with apples.

Is there already something in place?

Prestashop cache, disable it!

This is the summary, I had to disable the cache from Prestashop.

The cache mechanism from Prestashop is a different thing from the CDN. To avoid confusion, I have activated a CDN and this works fine delivering the static content of the store (images, js, css, etc).

The  issue is the internal cache system from Prestashop.

I though that the use of this cache was something good, it should be beneficial, isn’t it? In my case, it is not the case.

This cache system uses a lot of resources (mainly CPU) to generate and update the cache. When you disable it, every single request is done through the PHP web server and the database, but the CPU and memory used is less in the majority of the scenarios than having the cache activated.

CPU_memory_comparative_prestashop Other important thing is to disable the modules that you really do not use. I read that in a blog and I thought “this is so basic suggestion!!” but 5 minutes later I had disabled 6 modules.

This is being a hard job to enable and disable modules, test the environment and track the time response, but at this stage I have not other option 🙁

Prestashop, changing configuration e-mail

I have changed the name of my shop in Preferences / Contact and shops, there is nothing to do, these values ​​do not change. I enter again and the old values come back again.

I was reviewing the php file and I found that the configuration values that where not working was: PS_SHOP_EMAIL.

I accessed to the database and on the ps_configuration table, I saw that the values for this key was duplicated. I have removed the duplicated value and now it is working fine.

Prestashop, navigation on panels not working

I had an issue on the panels where the products are listed. For some of the categories the navigation was working, but for some others the navigation failed. You can click on:

  • Sort by grid,
  • Sort by list
  • Next, to access to the following list of 10 or 20 products.

After performing so many checks I found that the cause that was governing the navigation was the module blocklayered, and that it was not working properly.

  1. I changed some properties, and it did not work.
  2. I execute the cron jobs, and it did not work.

I have reset it and now is working fine!!!! the panels are working and the navigation is running fine.

Other recommendation, if you are updating products and categories (something very usual) you should rebuild these indexes of the module blocklayered: