Hello Woocommerce, bye bye Prestashop

Lately I had a lot of problems with Prestashop that I was not able to solve. Maybe because I was not experience enough with it, or maybe because I did not understood how it works. The point is that I need to have something operational and with ability to solve the issues.

Yesterday I was looking for an alternative to rescue the data in an affordable format, and given the fact that some months ago I did a test with WooCommerce I though: I must not be the first one doing this.

So I installed a new WordPress instance, I installed WooCommerce and I used one of the plug-ins I found in the market place.

FG PrestaShop to WooCommerce

By Fréderic Gilles is the plug-in I used, very straight forward, with clear documentation, and nice log that tracks the situation of the data migration.

After that I cleaned some old data, review the categories and tags and that’s it. Now we only have to organize the menu and some widgets (I will do it during the weekend).

Total amount of work: 5 hours

My customer is now evaluating the alternative solution, let’s see what happens.

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