Agile Contracting

Last week I had time to attend a web conference about how to get contracts implementing your projects under agile rules. I would like to remember some of the points the speaker stressed. Sell: Visibility, the customer is the person who gets the backlog and decide the next package of features to be developed. Continuous … Read more

Ensure delegation is done properly.

Working with new people means you have to make a time investment into the professional relationship you have with them. I always want to have the opportunity of talking with new people before they assign me responsibilities or vice versa. Have time to talk with them without pressure, some weeks (if I have engaged the … Read more

Feedback Questionaire

I’m taking some holidays in Vietnam, doing a lot of kilometers during the few days I have. This country save a lot of traditions of their ancestors and some other things are more evolutioned than you can expect. One of the days we did a day trip to a place named “Perfume Pagoda”, you can … Read more