Ensure delegation is done properly.

Working with new people means you have to make a time investment into the professional relationship you have with them.

I always want to have the opportunity of talking with new people before they assign me responsibilities or vice versa. Have time to talk with them without pressure, some weeks (if I have engaged the people during the preparation of a project). I have the need of understanding what this person really wants from me or if I have good understanding with the other.

Sometimes I recognize I’m a pain in the ass. I try to clarify it openly with the other person in order to clarify that I’m only trying to understand the criteria at the time of delegating something.

I’m making reference to complex delegations, not just a task. You are going to make decisions based on your criteria, the director criteria, the company ethics…

I remember my dad starting the car in winter and letting it some seconds to ensure that everything was right. It becomes me exasperated: “… it’s good to hear the sound of the car some seconds…”

Have right and good communication with people is crucial when you are delegating something is necessary to get the right feedback about they have got it. Let some seconds to think and see if the engine is working properly …

  • do you need I clarify something?
  • get the time you need to get it,
  • think about it and tomorrow we can continue talking about it.

These seconds usually saves time & money. I have seen people running as 100 m runner when they are delegating responsibilities.

You can run doing a report, writing documents, sending some mails… but never run when you are giving some responsibility to somebody.

The speed should be slower when we talk about teams.

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