What top-managers expects from PMs

In the Project Management environment, the PMs, team members and upper managers each have expectations of what their relationship should be with other parties.

Today I would like to list what top-managers expects from PMs. It’s a generic list, not in 100% of times is right:

  • Assume total accountability for the success or failure to provide results.
  • Provide effective reports and information.
  • Provide minimum organizational disruption during the execution of a project.
  • Present recommendations, not just alternatives.
  • Have the capacity to handle most interpersonal problems.
  • Demonstrate a self-starting capacity (be pro-active).
  • Demonstrate growth with each assignment.
  • A good PM is a good decision maker under the corporate ethic.

Remember these lines to junior project managers or project leaders it’s a very healthy exercise that helps them to clarify the position they are getting. I also like to remember them to myself in order to reinforce the messages I have to give.

Education and awareness on these practices of people working on projects is mandatory. Don’t hide the paramount.

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