Survive, this is the more powerful fuel you can have, the need to survive is a basic instinct that is there and when it’s pushed, it works and put people on motion. People often move or react by different reasons, some have positive connotation (motivation, love, ambition…) or negative (fear, risk of accident, ambition…), anyway. … Read more

Career plan

Read this article, it talks about the different phases of a professional career. I see so many interesting comments and details on the article: 3 phases of a career, how to balance it with your live, comments about how to move from one place to other. It’s really a nice and clear analysis. The only … Read more


American Productivity & Quality Center provides business benchmarking, best practices, and knowledge management research. Their mission is to help organizati ons to improve productivity and quality by discovering effective methods of improvement, broadly disseminating findings, and connecting individuals with one another and with the knowledge they need to improve. Very useful information to learn about … Read more

Mobility, time response

On mobile applications time response is one of the key aspects of this ecosystem. Some of the key points that influence on time response are: 1.- the type of application: native application or modified application from another application layer. 2.- The telecommunication channel used for the device (3G, 4G or Wifi connection). 3.- Testing of … Read more

GSM forum

I need to remember this link, a good place for finding solutions for mobile issues.

Google, making search more secure

This official announcement, talks about the fact that the default search experience for signed-in users will be delivered under SSL. What is the impact? People working on their web sites use to utilize this data to optimize their sites; with this move this data will not be available for them (as the majority search with … Read more


The security on mobile applications continues being a big question for me, mainly due to the lack of security. I found Confide, which lemma is: Spoken words disappear after they’re heard. But what you say online remains forever. With confidential messages that self-destruct, Confide takes you off the record.  

Applications’ obituary

With the time, all have used applications that fall into a situation where you leave them or you cannot use anymore. Below is my particular obituary of applications. 1.- Personal use: I used to access to Google reader, and not it’s closed. I had to find an alternative (Feedly, 2013). Now I have seen that my … Read more