Applications’ obituary

With the time, all have used applications that fall into a situation where you leave them or you cannot use anymore. Below is my particular obituary of applications.

1.- Personal use:

  • I used to access to Google reader, and not it’s closed. I had to find an alternative (Feedly, 2013).
  • Now I have seen that my yahoo will be closed (2014). The reasons are the same: “we want to focus on other and better applications for you”.

2.- Professional live:

  • Access through Citrix, 2006.
  • Lotus Notes (coming soon).
  • Blackberry (coming soon), the company I work with announced that they will not distribute BB anymore. It is a sad news for me that started using it in 2004.

3.- Small business:

  • Webnode, by basic business reason it was replaced by Prestashop in 2013.
  • Blogger, replaced by WordPress.

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