Joomla module, ACYMailing

Other discovery done this Saturday afternoon, ACYmailing. joomla

It manages subscriptions, newsletters, users subscribed and add so many configuration items that turns this module to an useful tool.

Reviewing the functionality in detail, this tool reminds to me to the old times when working on a solution in Lotus Notes to implement these communication processes. Doing it, after some years later I’m impressed how this web solution from the XXI century is so similar in the way to manage the templates, newsletters and subscriptions to the old tool we did in the past.

We designed that tool at the same time we were doing communications (bosses did not want to listen about IT) and evolving each week just applying common sense and with the urgency of saving our time from manual work.

New education methods

Assisting to the Coursera course is giving me a good feedback about what can be done in the education area.

The on-line education based on videos can be very productive.

Today I watched a video, he was doing a practice, explaining how to identify markers for arguments, you can see him talking and at the same time pay attention to the board. He was explaining the practice and enabling some silences to provoke you have time to think and look for the answer, then he continue talking.

There were a time were I was paying more attention to the way he was doing the practice and the tricks used to transmit the knowledge than to the content of the practice.

Pedagogy is the science of the education, the technology used by the professor is already there, the amazing thing is how well he is using it for pedagogic purposes.

Go or no-go?

Some weeks ago we received a last minute RFP.

I decided a no-go. I did not want team burn into a RFP we were not going to win, for a customer department we have not relationship.

One of the things I did not like about the RFP was the fact they were offering a project with two very different activities: an upgrade related to a platform  and application development in other environment that is so far away from the first one.

For me the RFP was tricky and it had a winner name.

It’s like trying to request to the postal company to send mails and clean the windows.

Never ending story

You have to attend your customers and their requests, they challenge you everyday and you have to adapt to the challenges.

Then you comeback to your office and find that your organization is in a continuous change where internal audits have improvements, forecasts have to be more justified and internal financial reviews requires more information.

And here is when the circle starts:

  1. First you say, I have to attend all, but I do not have time, I have to prioritize and try to deliver.
  2. Then I think, my organization should provide tools to improve the productivity of the people and enable then to focus on real value activities.
  3. Then I see the speed of change in so fast and the new requirements run faster than the implementation of the now “old requirements”.
  4. Then I come to the conclusion I need someone helping me.
  5. Then I find that this cannot be done.
  6. Finally I come back to the start line of the circle.

This is for me a never ending story.

How to configure AOL community on Sametime

I have Sametime 8.02 installed and want to remind this configuration.

Step 1.- Create new server community

1. File, Create new server community, enter all data below

Server Community name:

username / password: your aim username password

Host server:

Server Community port: 80

2. Save.

Step 2.- Communicate with AOL and AIM users, you can add AIM users:

1. Start Sametime 8.02

File, New, Contact

2. Check the box ‘Add External User By E-Mail Address’

3. In the E-mail box type the


This entry must contain .

4. Next to ‘Add To Group’, click Change.

In the ‘Create a New Group’ box, type AOL , click OK.(Perform this step only once if you add other users).

5. Make sure the ‘Add To Group’ box is set to AOL.

6. In the ‘Provider’ box pull down AOL .

7. Click ‘Add’, ‘Close’ .

8.  This is the most important step.

Contact the AOL/AIM user and have them perform one of the following:
a) Allow all users to contact them  or
b) Add to their Buddy List.

  •  ex.
  • NOTE: If this step is omitted, or your is blocked in AOL,

I hope it helps you,