How to configure AOL community on Sametime

I have Sametime 8.02 installed and want to remind this configuration.

Step 1.- Create new server community

1. File, Create new server community, enter all data below

Server Community name:

username / password: your aim username password

Host server:

Server Community port: 80

2. Save.

Step 2.- Communicate with AOL and AIM users, you can add AIM users:

1. Start Sametime 8.02

File, New, Contact

2. Check the box ‘Add External User By E-Mail Address’

3. In the E-mail box type the


This entry must contain .

4. Next to ‘Add To Group’, click Change.

In the ‘Create a New Group’ box, type AOL , click OK.(Perform this step only once if you add other users).

5. Make sure the ‘Add To Group’ box is set to AOL.

6. In the ‘Provider’ box pull down AOL .

7. Click ‘Add’, ‘Close’ .

8.  This is the most important step.

Contact the AOL/AIM user and have them perform one of the following:
a) Allow all users to contact them  or
b) Add to their Buddy List.

  •  ex.
  • NOTE: If this step is omitted, or your is blocked in AOL,

I hope it helps you,

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