Never ending story

You have to attend your customers and their requests, they challenge you everyday and you have to adapt to the challenges.

Then you comeback to your office and find that your organization is in a continuous change where internal audits have improvements, forecasts have to be more justified and internal financial reviews requires more information.

And here is when the circle starts:

  1. First you say, I have to attend all, but I do not have time, I have to prioritize and try to deliver.
  2. Then I think, my organization should provide tools to improve the productivity of the people and enable then to focus on real value activities.
  3. Then I see the speed of change in so fast and the new requirements run faster than the implementation of the now “old requirements”.
  4. Then I come to the conclusion I need someone helping me.
  5. Then I find that this cannot be done.
  6. Finally I come back to the start line of the circle.

This is for me a never ending story.

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