Governance Vs Management

Governance ensures that stakeholder needs, conditions and options are evaluated to determine balanced, agreed-on enterprise objectives to be achieved; setting direction through prioritization and decision making; and monitoring performance and compliance against agreed-on direction and objectives. In most enterprises, overall governance is the responsibility of the board of directors under the leadership of the chairperson. … Read more

Honeypots & honeynets

Some concepts I learned during a CISA course. A honeypot is designed to attract hackers. Honeypots have no production value. They are set up specifically for providing advance warning of a real attack, tracking the activity and keystrokes of an attacker, increase knowledge of how hackers attack systems and luring the attacker away from the … Read more

COBIT, evolution

As for so many of the things in live, it is important to understand where the things come from. In case of Cobit, it was born as an set of principles for audit purposes.

Richardson Maturity Model

This post from Martin Fowler is something I want to have here for my memory, Richardson Maturity Model ( and this picture for my memory. The level of compliance with respect the proposed maturity model is something that continues changing and evolving and for the projects I lead they are in some way relevant.

SAP PM Vs IBM Maximo

I am living the situation where my customer has implemented these 2 solutions on different plants. In the past the plants made decisions independently and now the organization faces this heterogeneous scenario. And now then the basic question: which one is the best one for the whole organization? If you look into the web about: … Read more

XXXV Media Maratón Sevilla – Los Palacios

Esta es la primera vez que corro una media maratón. He corrido distancias similares en montaña, pero nunca esta distancia en asfalto y en plano. Después de la subida al pico de la Tiñosa, y teniendo en cuenta que no había muchas más cosas en el calendario, me apunté a esta. Íbamos a ir unas … Read more

Value chain mapping

I found this concept so much useful for communicating strategic plans.I found it reading Simon Wardley’s blog, that is for me an enormous source of useful information. If you are interested on the concept, visit this post.


Investigating and talking to people about MES solutions I was looking for other solutions from the market that covers the MES needs of the companies. Apriso was the name that came into a couple of conversations. The name ‘Apriso’ was derived from the Spanish word, aprisa, which simply means ‘quickly’. Dassault Systèmes acquired Apriso this … Read more

SalesForce Vs SharePoint

I have personal aversion on SharePoint and special appreciation on SalesForce. Why? I like the things done in the right way. SalesForce has a strong and aggressive “sales force”, and this is something I do not like too much, but they have a very good product. Their platform is built with a clear projection on … Read more